Matrixgl - The Matrix Screensaver


Matrixgl is a free, open source 3D screensaver based on The Matrix Reloaded. It supports widescreen setups, and can be run on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, BSD, and many other Unix based operating systems.


The matrixgl 2.x series is based on the original version 1.0 screensaver from It was written by brothers Alexander and Eugene Zolotov back in 2003. Vincent Launchbury is now maintaining the project, with the goals of:


The latest stable version is Matrixgl 2.3.2


Download the Windows Installer, run it, and follow the on screen instructions to install. Then, right click on the Desktop, select properties, and select Matrixgl under the screensavers tab.


Download Stephane Sudre's Mac port, and follow the instructions in the provided readme.


If you get the source package, open a terminal in your download directory and type the following:

  $tar xzf matrixgl-2.3.2.tar.gz
  $cd matrixgl-2.3.2
  View the files README and INSTALL for more detailed information
  Then, as root
  #make install


Trinity, Neo & Morpheus - Matrixgl Tank - Matrixgl Agent Smith - Matrixgl

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