Developing for Matrixgl


If you wish to submit code to matrixgl, you'll have to use one of two methods: patches or git.


The ideal method for first-time contributors is to submit a patch. Search google for a guide to Creating a Patch. Make sure you grab the latest git snapshot, by going to our Git Repository and clicking the snapshot link on the topmost item under the Shortlog.

The snapshot is a .tar.gz of the latest code, make sure you patch against the very latest snapshot. Then, when you're done, either email the patch (with a mandatory description) to Or, you can use the prefered method of submitting to the sourceforge Patch Tracker.

We won't accept a patch without a name or alias to attribute it to. We'll add your name to the list of contributors, and optionally your email.

Using Git

The prefered method for large contributions to the matrixgl project is to use git. It may help you to view our Git Repository, or to Learn to Use Git and How to Connect.

If you want to use git, you'll need an account on sourceforge. Send a request to join the project to one of the project admins (listed on the project page). You may then be given write access to git.

Note that for first time contributions, or for those that don't wish to use git, please send a patch instead.

Git Guidelines

When using git, please follow these guidelines as best as you can:

  1. Please don't upload tags (via git push --tags). Feel free to use them locally, but please don't push them, as I reserve tags for release names.
  2. Please don't work in the master or devel branches. Instead, create a new branch, preferably prefixed with your name, and work there. When you have finished working on a feature or large change, merge it into the devel branch, and let Vincent merge to master.
  3. Simple changes can be committed directly to devel, but please make sure it still compiles.
The following is a summary of branches:
masterStable branch, fully tested
develDevelopment branch, with complete but possibly slightly broken/untested features. Must compile

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